EVO Open Procedure: Zabezpečenie stravovania zamestnancov formou stravných poukážok


- to the tender site, where the above-mentioned tender is carried through.

On this tender site tenders are submitted. Prior to gaining access to the menus of the site you must register via the menu item "Registration". Once the Registration has been approved by The Contracting Authority you will automatically receive an e-mail confirming that you now have access to this tender site.

After having received the e-mail confirming your access to this tender site you can logon via the menu item "Logon". The user name you must use is stated in the e-mail you received and the password must be identical to the password you stated upon registration.

Once logged on to this tender site it is recommended that you read the instructions found in each menu item.

Upload of documents is done via the menu item "Send Documents", and the tender is concluded via the menu item "Conclude Tender".

Tenders must be applied a digital signature. Either the signature contained in the mail or a signature from DanID can be used.

Regarding the installation of signature file please read the instructions found in the menu item "Instructions".