EVO Open Procedure: Zabezpečenie stravovania zamestnancov formou stravných poukážok
Electronic Tenders in General


Electronic Submission of Tender

This tender is performed electronically in accordance with the guidelines for electronic submission of tenders stated in directive 2004/18/EF

In order to comply with the requirements of the directives for confidentiality, legal proof etc., emphasis has been placed on ensuring that the following conditions have been observed:

Contents and Submission of Tender

The company can choose to submit tenders in one of the categories stated in the menu item Tender Material.

The tender must include: The Contracting Authority must have received the tender within the set time limit for this tender, cf. the "Tenders - Deadline" box in the menu field on the left.

Tenders or partial tenders that the Contracting Authority has not received within the stated time limit will be rejected. The official time for this tender is indicated in the "Server Time" box in the menu field on the left.